The Sound of Silence
Story date(s)
Episode A-23
Preparing to open the capsule

Preparing to open the capsule. [1]

Production Info
Director David Lane
Story by
Screenplay by David Lane & Bob Bell
Producer Reg Hill
Production Code
IMDB Referebce tt0735640
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Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 23
Airdate 17 July 1971
Previous Episode Confetti Check A-OK
Next Episode Reflections in the Water


An alien craft lands in woodland near the home of horseman Russell Stone. When Stone goes missing suspicion initially falls on Ben Culley, a tramp with whom Stone had recently argued over trespassing on his property. However, Culley is found dead and it seems likely that the green alien who killed him has captured Stone. The trail leads to a nearby lake where it seems likely that the alien is hiding....[2]

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  1. Denise Felt
  2. IMDB entry

Season 1
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